SolarAid | 30-36 Pritchard’s Rd, London E2 9AP | £38,701 to £41,300

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About the charity

SolarAid is the biggest distributor of solar lights in Africa, and in the next few months they will reach the milestone of 2 million lights distributed.

Sunny Money is the enterprise SolarAid owns which sells, for a small fee, solar lamps to people in Africa without access to electricity. Unlike a business, they specifically seek out markets that for-profit companies may avoid. In doing this they not only bring access to light for these locations, but also create markets for local business and entrepreneurs to carry on the work.

Corporate fundraising has been identified as their biggest potential growth area in fundraising, based on previous success and upcoming opportunities. Previous accounts have included seven-figure grants from Barclays and Man Group, and winning a £500k social impact award from Google. They have also been linked with a company called Solarcentury since their inception (they share a chairman).

In addition, because of the way they work, they tend to appeal to smaller start-up companies who share the entrepreneurial spirit with Solar Aid. They have fantastic assets, including the ability to show benefit to both CSR and business needs.

About the role

This is a new role which will be the first post focused on one income stream. The Corporate Partnerships Manager will be responsible for both account management and new business. Currently there is a decent pipeline, so new business will involve picking up existing conversations and pitches, starting talks with companies who have been identified but not approached, and exploring brand new options.

Account management will include assessing the existing portfolio and deciding if all are worth keeping on board, and maximising efforts in those that look the most promising. There is no line management yet, but if the income stream hits targets, there will be a need to recruit someone to help out.

SolarAid is keen to continue what they have started with creating genuinely mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. They are often invited to pitch for COTY relationships, but ideally they want to work sustainably and effectively with companies over a longer period of time. They have the assets to make this worthwhile for the company, as well as vice versa.

Person specification

We are looking for:

  • someone with experience of, and an interest in, looking for mutually beneficial, strategic partnerships, rather than chasing the COTY calendar
  • experience and/or working knowledge in both account management and new business, as both will be key in the role
  • genuine interest in the cause and work of SolarAid and SunnyMoney
  • the ability to pitch, present and engage a range of audiences, as well as network effectively

The culture is inclusive, collaborative and friendly, and the people who work there are passionate about the cause. A good work-life balance is respected and encouraged – if staff need to work from home or change up their hours, that’s fine.

There will likely be the opportunity to travel in this post. It is important to see the work first-hand, and ideally show key corporates the work too.

The deadline for this role is Monday 25 March, please get in touch with me if you’re interested.

To apply for this role, please send a CV that, where possible, specifies your fundraising achievements. If your experience is a good fit, we will send you a job description and arrange a briefing call or meeting that will provide you with all the information required to formally apply. QuarterFive aims to proactively support your job search, so we may also consider your details for other job vacancies to enable us to find a position that is most suitable for you.

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