About the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation

A message from the Chief Executive

Dear Applicant,

In the last decade, allergy diagnoses have been rising at an alarming rate and there is now at least one allergic child in every school class in the UK.

However, food allergies affect all ages, although they are most common in children and young adults. We are currently also seeing a new wave of adults with no previous allergies, suddenly becoming seriously allergic to foods they have eaten all their lives. Scientists are baffled. The mental health impact for families who have to avoid foods that could potentially kill them in less than an hour cannot be underestimated, and the mental anguish experienced has recently been researched and documented.

Natasha’s Foundation is built on three core pillars which are medical research, law and policy change, and educating and raising allergy awareness across society. We work with senior government, top scientific researchers and leaders in the food industry to bring about meaningful change.

Following the charity’s campaigning, “Natasha’s Law” comes into effect on 1 October 2021. From this date, all pre-packed foods made and sold on the same premises will have to carry a full ingredients list. This affects hundreds of millions of food items sold every year.

This year we will be launching our first pioneering multi-million pound research clinical trial into a treatment for food allergies. This research will be to translate known immunotherapy science into a nationally available treatment for individuals and their families via the NHS. This will be a world-first and have a direct, positive impact on the daily lives of individuals with food allergies.

To achieve our strategic and fundraising ambitions, we are expanding our fundraising with three new roles to help achieve our aims within scientific research and education.

• Two new Corporate Partnership Managers to build on the success of corporate partnerships already established with Tesco, Co-op, Greggs and Morrisons.
• A Trusts and Foundations Fundraising Manager to maximise and grow income generated from charitable trusts and foundations.

We are seeking experienced, proactive and results-driven individuals with a background in securing five and six-figure partnerships or grants.

We have plans to expand the team further with a Corporate Relationships Manager and also to deepen the connection with our thousands of followers and supporters, enabling them to fundraise for us.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Tim McLachlan BSc MBA
Chief Executive

A message from the Founders

Dear Applicant,

The tragic story of the death of our 15-year-old daughter, Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, from an allergic reaction to sesame seeds on a BA flight, touched the country’s heart. Her high-profile inquest in 2018 was widely reported and followed around the world. The coroner’s hard-hitting conclusion that her death had been preventable had it not been for a loophole in the law incensed the nation. Suddenly, food allergies that until then had been largely ignored, became a national topic of conversation and this conversation continues today.

We launched The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation in direct response to the urgent need for allergy medical research. Allergic disease has in the last decade become a major health issue – it is one of the major causes of illness in developed countries and its prevalence is increasing steadily, affecting one in four people in the UK. NHS figures show that the number of cases of children hospitalised with severe allergic reactions in England has increased by 72% in the last six years (Source: NHS Digital.)

We are the only allergy research charity in the UK and we come with a big mission which is to prevent deaths like Natasha’s and others like her from happening. We will give hope to the two to three million families in the UK who are living in isolation and daily fear of eating food which should maintain life but can kill.

We invite your to join our pioneering charity.

Nadim and Tanya

Our Culture and Values

Natasha’s Foundation is not hierarchical. We have regular and open access to each other including the Founders and Trustees. We are all geographically dispersed and do not have a central office. Our culture is based on our values and on ‘getting it right’ rather than ‘being right’. We prioritise and track the performance of achieving the charity’s strategic objectives and report on these bimonthly. In this way we are very focused on realising our vision of a world without allergy and our strategy of making allergy history.

We are very pleased to share the charity’s values.


Cure, not just cope

We don’t just cope with other diseases, we hunt for cures and treatments.  We are leading a movement to achieve that change for people with allergies, and in particular food allergy

United as a family – it could be you

We are led by a family’s experience, united together, and we unite through Natasha’s Army


By increasing understanding, we increase inclusion

Big questions

We ask the big questions of the big places – governments, companies


We will be the credible voice of food allergy research – what research and news matters and means


We all know, love or are someone with food allergy, we will be inclusive across all individuals, families and cultures, embracing diversity


Food allergy impacts across ages, borders and boundaries, we work across these too

Direct value and impact

We will ensure the work we do and fund has real world impact on individuals with food allergy, making a difference to their daily living

Enquire now

Contact: Emily Birch, Lead Consultant at QuarterFive

    QuarterFive and our clients know fundraising could better reflect the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the people the charity sector supports. We encourage individuals with relevant skills and experience to apply for roles regardless of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief. If you think you meet some of the criteria for a role and would like to discuss how your other experience might transfer, please ask us for a chat. We’re here to support you. Appointments will be made on merit alone and we will gladly make reasonable adjustments to always ensure a fair process.